Atelier hifumi

Kintsugi is more than just a method of fixing broken ceramics; it represents the profound Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, where imperfections are cherished and the beauty of flaws is embraced. This art form involves skillfully blending lacquer with powdered gold, silver, or platinum to repair shattered pottery, resulting in a mesmerizing mosaic of shimmering golden lines.

Kintsugi doesn't simply conceal fractures; it transforms them into a testament to strength and the journey through time. With a passion for preserving tradition, Mio and Atelier hifumi understand this aim to bring beauty back to 'broken' items and aim to showcase the fascinating world of Urushi lacquer and the Kintsugi technique to the world.

Let the art of kintsugi forge a connection between you and the world, allowing you to embrace the beauty of the present moment and find comfort in its transformative and enriching essence.