Chugai Toen

Seto-ware boasts a rich history dating back to the 8th century, initially focused on practical pottery for daily use. Over time, advancements in glazing and firing techniques led to the creation of beautiful and durable pieces, solidifying Seto's position as a renowned pottery center for over 1,300 years. Today, the city is synonymous with exquisite Seto-ware, including the charming beckoning cat, or maneki neko. Seto's skilled artisans craft these lucky cat figurines in their signature style, often adorned with elaborate bibs and made from high-quality porcelain, embodying the city's artistic heritage and its embrace of good luck.

Founded in 1952, Chugai Toen, nestled in the heart of Seto's ceramic tradition, embodies the city's legacy. They meticulously preserve the art of Seto-ware while infusing it with contemporary aesthetics. Chugai Toen oversees the entire process, from the initial design concept to the final meticulous crafting. Their figurines embody not only beauty but a timeless link to Seto's illustrious ceramic heritage. Interestingly, their maneki-neko utilize plaster molds - a technique pioneered in Seto during the Meiji era. This dedication to both tradition and innovation ensures their creations resonate with history buffs and modern collectors alike, making Chugai Toen a captivating cornerstone of Japanese ceramic artistry.