Fukunishi-Sobe Shoten

Aizu lacquerware boasts a rich tapestry woven over four centuries. Flourishing under the patronage of successive feudal lords, lacquerware thrived in Aizu. These patrons not only provided essential protection but also actively encouraged innovation. Through their dedication, Aizu lacquerware blossomed into a defining industry for the entire region, renowned for its exceptional quality and captivating beauty. From intricate bowls and elegant trays to ornately decorated furniture, Aizu lacquerware became a coveted treasure.

Fukunishi Sohei Shoten remains dedicated to preserving the age-old traditions of Aizu lacquerware, ensuring its legacy endures in our fast-paced world. While honoring the exquisite craftsmanship of the past, they embrace innovation. Their offerings extend beyond classic Aizu lacquerware, featuring contemporary pieces that seamlessly blend tradition and modernity. By bringing the beauty of traditional lacquerware back into homes, Fukunishi Sohei Shoten ensures this cherished art form continues to captivate for generations to come.