The Higonokami folding knife has a fascinating history deeply intertwined with the artistry of Japanese craftsmanship. Each knife is a testament to the exceptional skill of the artisans, featuring blades forged from a blend of steel and iron. The knives were then encased in exquisitely adorned sheaths made of brass or black-dyed iron. These sheaths were adorned with intricate carvings, showcasing breathtaking landscapes, figures, or elements of nature, reflecting the artistic brilliance of the makers. The production process was a labor of love, with a single craftsman typically creating only a few sets per day. The Higonokami folding knife truly embodies the essence of Japanese craftsmanship and the dedication of its creators.

The Higonokami folding knife, born in 1894 from a hardware wholesaler's vision for a practical design, owes its legacy to both the ingenuity of Mr. Tasaburo Shigematsu and the skilled artisans who followed. The "Higonokami Knife Union," formed in 1899 with the Nagao family at its core, embodied this collaborative spirit. Generations of Nagaos, including Komataro, the founder, Shigeharu who trademarked Higonokami, Akira, Motosuke, and current leader Mitsuo Nagao (who established Nagao Kanekoma Factory in 2021), have tirelessly refined and developed the design. Today, Nagao Kanekoma stands as the sole producer of genuine Higonokami knives, ensuring this cherished craft endures.