Maruyo Koizumi Shoten

With a history that stretches back to the Heian period, Tokoname has established itself as a prominent hub for pottery production. Situated along the picturesque Ise Bay, this town is blessed with plentiful natural resources such as clay and pine trees, which have fueled the creativity of Tokoname's artisans for centuries. The skilled potters of Tokoname have seamlessly blended traditional techniques with innovative methods, particularly excelling in crafting teapots using the renowned "rokuro" technique. Even today, Tokoname continues to thrive as a dynamic center for a diverse range of ceramic production, showcasing the enduring spirit of innovation that has defined this town throughout its rich history.

The dedication of Maruyo Koizumi Shoten has been instrumental in elevating the status of Tokoname-ware teapots on the international stage. By forging strong relationships with manufacturers and retailers, the company has successfully expanded the reach of these traditional Japanese teapots, making them a sought-after item in various parts of the world. Their relentless efforts have not only preserved the cultural heritage of Tokoname-yaki but also propelled it to new heights of popularity and recognition.