Ri Sanpei

Embark on an inspirational journey through the legacy of Ri Sanpei Kiln, a story woven into the rich tapestry of Korean pottery history. Founded by the visionary Yi Sam-Pyeong, a trailblazing Korean potter in Japan, this legacy began with the discovery of raw material for white porcelain, laying the groundwork for a timeless heritage. The influential Ri Sanpei Kiln played a pivotal role in shaping the exquisite Arita-yaki style, known for its delicate and intricate designs.

Today, the kiln is entrusted to the capable hands of the 13th and 14th generations, led by Kanegae Sanbei, the 14th-generation guardian of excellence. Ri Sanpei Kiln stands tall, a beacon of enduring artistry and innovation, symbolizing the indomitable spirit that defines this esteemed lineage in the realm of Japanese ceramics.