Seikou Kiln

The origins of Seikou Kiln can be traced back to the early Taisho period when it first emerged as a painter of Kutani-ware porcelain. During the Showa period, Seikou Kiln revolutionized the Kutani-ware industry by introducing screen-printing technology, which led to a significant transformation in their production methods. Their goal was to make Kutani-ware more accessible to the masses by utilizing transfer paper and adopting an industrial approach.

Despite industrialization, the meticulous process remains unchanged, as each piece is meticulously crafted with great attention to detail, showcasing the skill and artistry of the talented craftsmen. Seikou Kiln distinguishes itself by creating their own Kutani-ware paints, guaranteeing that each piece showcases the distinctive glassy, transparent, and vibrant colors that are characteristic of Kutani-ware. Unlike others, they oversee every aspect of the process, from making the transfer paper plates to printing, preserving the elegance that defines Kutani-ware. Every piece is a testament to Seikou Kiln's unwavering commitment to the art of Kutani-ware.

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