Shobido Honten

Shobido Honten, located in the heart of Arita ware production in Saga Prefecture, strives to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity by embodying the essence of Arita-ware's rich legacy. Their core value of "timeless beauty" reflects their commitment to preserving the exquisite artistry and heritage of Arita-ware porcelain for future generations. Operating with a fresh and innovative perspective, Shobido Honten stands out from traditional kiln manufacturers.

Serving as a vital link between the esteemed Arita-ware artisans and a global audience, they function as a "production area trading company." Their detailed process involves meticulously selecting the most skilled potters and external designers for each curated piece. With a sharp eye for aesthetics, Shobido Honten ensures a collection that encapsulates the true spirit of Arita-ware's vibrancy and artistry. Each creation not only pays homage to the heritage of this esteemed tradition but also showcases Shobido Honten's unwavering dedication to timeless beauty. The outcome is a breathtaking assortment of Arita-ware that transcends mere functionality, becoming cherished heirlooms and captivating works of art.