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Hirota Glass

Arare Bowl and Plate Set

Arare Bowl and Plate Set

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This enchanting Kobachi bowl features a design evocative of a delicate plum blossom on the stem of the bowl, accompanying a shimmering raised dot pattern known as "Arare".

"Arare", a pattern in which large and small dots are lined up in rows, was difficult to reproduce in Japan prior to the Edo period. Master artisans such as Hirota Glass perfected this technique after advancements in glassmaking technology. Since then, the simple and beautiful pattern of dots has long been loved in Japan.


Size: (Bowl) W4.9in x L4.9in x H2.0in / W12.5cm x L12.5cm × H5.0cm (Plate) W6.2in x L6.2in x H0.9in / W15.8cm x L15.8cm × H2.4cm
Material: Glass

Care & Use

  • Handwash only
  • Do not use in microwave or oven
  • Due to handmade characteristics, each piece has subtle variations in size and appearance.
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History of Edo Kiriko

The traditional craft of "Edo Kiriko" began in the city of Edo (modern day Tokyo) during the 19th century and underwent its unique evolution by incorporating the cutting techniques of European glass brought to Japan during the Meiji era (late 19th century). 

This unique glassware technique was recognized by the Japanese government in 2002 as a National Traditional Craft. Glassware which can be labeled “Edo Kiriko” is strictly reserved for producers who employ artisans who practice the traditional techniques developed during the 19th century.

Brand History

Hirota artisans inherit traditional handicraft techniques such as Edo Kriko, finely cut glass, and Edo Glass, the local Tokyo style. Founded in Tokyo in 1899, Hiroto Glass has established itself as one of the pioneers of Japanese Glassware, developing new artisan glassware with a focus on the reproduction of classic products popular back in the Taisho period.