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Suruga Bamboo Sensuji Zaiku

Bamboo Basket Suruga Flower Vase

Bamboo Basket Suruga Flower Vase

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A manifestation of the artistry found by the artisans of Suruga Bamboo, the bamboo strips elegantly curve and unfold, crafting a captivating and intricate form.

Tailored to complement seasonal blossoms, the vase features graceful contours and subtle color gradation, radiating undeniable elegance. With its versatile, minimalist design, it seamlessly fits into any interior, making it a luxurious and considerate gift option. Infuse your home with the essence of garden blooms through this exquisite piece.


Size: Width 12 × Length 12 × Height 14.5 cm
Material: Bamboo

Care & Use

  • Wipe off dust and dirt with a soft brush or a well-wrung dish towel.
  • Avoid washing the item in water or hot water.
  • Enhance the natural luster of bamboo by using it in a dry, well-ventilated place.
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Bamboo Artistry Unveiled

Suruga Bamboo Crafts, or "Suruga Take Sensuji Zaiku," is a traditional art form originating from the Suruga region in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, with roots tracing back to the Edo period. Craftsmen migrated to Suruga, bringing their bamboo weaving expertise, and over the centuries, distinctive techniques like "Sensuji Zaiku" evolved, involving the intricate weaving of thin bamboo strips. 

Over the centuries, Suruga bamboo weavers developed distinctive techniques, including "Sensuji Zaiku," which involves splitting bamboo into thin strips and weaving them together to create intricate patterns. This craft flourished due to the region's abundant bamboo resources and unique climate, producing high-quality bamboo well-suited for weaving. Today, Suruga Bamboo Crafts showcases a diverse range of both functional and artistic pieces, reflecting the meticulous craftsmanship and cultural significance of this enduring tradition.

Brand History

A collective of 12 skilled artisans based in Shizuoka City, specializing in Suruga Bamboo Sen-suji-zaiku. This traditional craft involves meticulously crafting delicate items such as vases, insect cages, and confectionery vessels from thinly split bamboo, woven and braided using time-honored techniques. The roots of these craftsmen date back to 1840 when Suganuma Kazumasa passed on his skills to Shimizu Inobei, an innkeeper in Shizuoka.

These incredibly talented artisans, certified by the Association for the Promotion of Traditional Crafts Industries, inherited unique techniques from the Edo period, adapting them to modern needs. Their creations, ranging from lighting fixtures to interior products, seamlessly integrate the supple curves of bamboo into everyday life, offering a gentle and timeless presence. With gratitude for your understanding of Suruga Bamboo Sensuji Zaiku, their craftsmen, five of whom hold the esteemed title of traditional craftsman, continue to produce works appreciated both locally and globally.