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Tsuyukusa Shigaraki Mug

Tsuyukusa Shigaraki Mug

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The Tsuyukusa Shigaraki Tea Bowl by HECHIMON is a true celebration of the raw beauty found in imperfection. This stunning piece, crafted in the traditional Shigaraki-ware style, showcases a vibrant blue glaze that evokes the serene hues of a clear sky. The rich textures and organic forms of the bowl reflect the artisan's dedication to simplicity and authenticity. 

As you incorporate this exquisite vessel into your daily rituals, it evolves and transforms, becoming a cherished part of your personal journey. HECHIMON's philosophy of delivering pottery 'just as they are' shines through in this piece, connecting you deeply to the essence of nature and the timeless tradition of Japanese pottery.


Size: W 5.5in x L 5.5in x H 3in / W 14cm x L 14cm x H 7.5cm
Material: Shigaraki Porcelain

Care & Use

  • Handwash only
  • Do not use in microwave or oven

Colors and patterns may vary from piece to piece depending on the temperature and location of the kiln during production.

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Shigaraki-ware Meets Nature's Charm

Shigaraki Ware, originating from the Shigaraki region in Shiga Prefecture, holds a storied history dating back over a millennium. Its roots are deeply intertwined with Japanese pottery traditions, benefiting from the region's abundant resources like high-quality clay and ample wood for kiln firing. 

During the medieval era, Shigaraki Ware gained favor among tea practitioners, embodying the wabi-sabi aesthetic. The unglazed, wood-fired pieces of Shigaraki ceramics, marked by irregularities and unique firing imprints, showcase a timeless allure that continues to resonate with enthusiasts globally.

Today, Shigaraki Ware remains a symbol of artistic expression, reflecting the perfect marriage of tradition, nature, and the enduring appeal of Japanese pottery. Its distinct style, characterized by ash glazes, unglazed surfaces, and natural textures, preserves the essence of its rich heritage while continuing to inspire admiration for its earthy charm and unique craftsmanship.

Brand History

HECHIMON's pottery isn't just fashionable and refined; it's a celebration of the raw beauty found in imperfection. Imagine the warmth of freshly picked vegetables, the comforting touch of earthy textures, and the sense of tranquility that comes with sipping from a handcrafted vessel. It's a unique Japanese experience that transcends words, capturing the essence of nature's diversity and the ever-changing rhythm of life.

They believe in delivering vessels that are 'just as they are' – each piece reflecting the simplicity and authenticity of nature. Their stunning Shigaraki Ware embodies the beauty of heterogeneity and imperfection, inviting you to embrace the gentle warmth that comes with handmade craftsmanship. With every use, their pottery evolves, transforming into a cherished part of your daily rituals and connecting you to the essence of life itself.