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KUTANI SEAL Floral Chopsticks with Chopstick Rest (Wisteria / Fuji)

KUTANI SEAL Floral Chopsticks with Chopstick Rest (Wisteria / Fuji)

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Introducing the KUTANI SEAL chopsticks, where luxury meets accessibility in Kutani ware, the opulent tableware from Kaga City. A pair of chopsticks unite to create a seamless pattern, concealing a charming detail on the reverse side. Crafted from white maple wood, these chopstick rests beautifully complement the silk-screened motifs. The prized maple wood's gentle weight and texture add a touch of elegance to the intricate patterns.

The central theme of the chopstick rests and chopsticks revolves around 'flowers'—Japanese flora and fauna synonymous with Kutani ware. Nestled on the back of the chopsticks is a petite butterfly, a matching motif with the chopstick rest.


Size: 22.5cm
Material: Natural wood (Maple)
Coating: Acrylic Urethane Resin Coating
Chopstick Rest Material: Pottery (Kutani ware)

Care & Use

  • Handwash and dishwasher-safe
  • Keep it dry
  • Avoid metal scrubs or abrasive detergents
  • Store safely
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Creating ‘Excitement’ via Chopsticks

Nestled in Fukui Prefecture, Obama City boasts a unique coastal charm along the Japan Sea's sole ria coast. Blessed with abundant local ingredients, this culinary haven has a rich history of supporting imperial court cuisine. The traditional craft of "Wakasa paint" has been cherished for nearly 400 years, originating in the Edo period. 

Inspired by the breathtaking seabed of Wakasa Bay, this craft has evolved from a luxury item for samurai and merchants to exquisitely painted chopsticks known for their durability and beauty. Today, over 70% of Japan's painted chopsticks hail from Obama, making the chopstick industry a cornerstone of the city's identity and economy.

Brand History

Meet Matsukan, the go-to chopstick producer hailing from Obama City, Fukui Prefecture - a prominent hub for lacquered chopstick production rooted in Wakasa lacquerware traditions. Established in 1922 in the heart of Kitashioya, Obama City, they've been perfecting the art of chopstick crafting for over a century.

Capturing the 'excitement' of those who use them. Harvesting 'excitement' from the artisans. Brimming with 'excitement' from their dedicated team. Radiating 'excitement' from their charming town. They don’t just aim to create chopsticks; they endeavor to explore the endless possibilities of this essential element on the Japanese dining table.