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Nakamura Seisakusyo

Maki-e 4-in-1 Multi-Use Portable Brush (Peony and Butterfly)

Maki-e 4-in-1 Multi-Use Portable Brush (Peony and Butterfly)

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Experience the essence of Japanese elegance with the Maki-e 4-in-1 Multi-Use Portable Brush (Peony and Butterfly). This meticulously crafted brush transcends makeup application, transforming it into a work of art that inspires tranquility. With its breathtaking Echizen Maki-e decoration, the brush handle stands out as a work of art in its own right. This handle specifically depicts a vibrant red peony in full bloom, gracefully danced upon by two butterflies. 

This kumano brush's true brilliance lies in its versatility. This brush features four distinct brush heads, expertly crafted with natural bristles. From flawless foundation application and seamless blending to a touch of blush and a hint of highlight, this brush empowers you to achieve a complete and professional makeup look with just one tool. Simply utilize different points of the brush's length to effortlessly apply, blend, and define your features, ensuring a captivating and polished appearance throughout the day.

Usage tips:

  • Tip of the brush: Face and blending blush brush
  • 70% down the brush: Blush & make-up brush
  • 50% down the brush: Highlight & shade brush
  • Near base of the brush: Point & Glaze brush


Size: W 0.9in x L 0.9in x H 3.9in / W 2.3cm x L 2.3cm x H 10cm
Materials: Goat Hair, PBT

Care & Use

  1. Give your brush a thorough rinse with water to remove any makeup residue.
  2. Gently squeeze the brush from the base towards the tip to remove excess water. You can use your fingers to do this.
  3. Reshape the bristles by gently stroking them upwards from the base to the tip with your fingers. This will help them dry evenly.
  4. Allow the brush to air dry in an upright position.

* Avoid using heat sources like a hairdryer, as this can damage the bristles.

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Artisan Brushmaking Expertise

Handcrafted in Kumano Town, Hiroshima, Kumano brushes are renowned for their exquisite quality and rich history.  These traditional tools owe their beginnings to the ingenuity of local farmers.  During the late Edo period, with limited farmland in the Kumano basin, farmers ventured to Nara and Kishu as migrant workers during off-seasons.  It was on these journeys that they encountered brushmaking and, upon returning home, brought this valuable skill back to Kumano.  

Meticulously shaped using a wooden "koma" form, Kumano brushes utilize natural hair from various animals, offering delicate yet firm tips thanks to time-honored techniques like rice husk ash and hemp yarn.  Designated a national "traditional handicraft," in 1975, Kumano brushes encompass calligraphy, painting, and cosmetic varieties, each requiring over 70 skilled steps to complete. Though challenged by World War II, Kumano brushes adapted once more. Today, Kumano brushes represent around 80% of Japan's domestic brush production, a testament to the legacy established by those pioneering farmers and the generations of skilled artisans who continue the tradition to this day.

Brand History

Nakamura Seisakusyo boasts a rich history dating back to the early Showa period. Founded in 1953, their journey began with brush shaft processing, and over the years, they expanded their expertise by mastering metal fitting. In 1963 the company known as Nakamura Seisakusyo was fully established. Finally, they mastered complete brush assembly by 1975. This dedication to every stage of brush creation has instilled in them the importance of meticulous craftsmanship and the enduring value of quality products.

Standing by their philosophy of user-centricity, Nakamura Seisakusyo approaches brushmaking with empathy. They strive to understand the needs of those who rely on these tools for creative expression, meticulously crafting each brush to become a cherished extension of the artist's hand. Their commitment extends to their local community, aiming to create brushes loved not just by makeup enthusiasts worldwide, but also by the skilled artisans of Kumano, the heart of their craft.