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Yamasho Pottery

Shigaraki Mingei Small Komachinezu Plate

Shigaraki Mingei Small Komachinezu Plate

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Enhance your dining experience with the sophisticated and modern Shigaraki Ware Mingei plate, featuring a tasteful design inspired by Japanese aesthetics. This plate seamlessly combines traditional charm with contemporary functionality, providing both style and practicality. This small-sized plate, with its captivating design, brings an element of elegance to your table, making it a versatile addition to your dining collection.

This stunning Komachinezu Plate features a beautifully contrasting light gray and white
dappled glazed pattern along one side of the plate, with the stone flecks enhancing the look. Enhance your dining ambiance with this gorgeous and practical addition.

Please note: Colours and patterns may vary from piece to piece depending on the temperature and location of the kiln during production.


Size: L 4.3in x H 0.7in / L 11cm x H 2cm
Material: Ceramic
Weight (approx.): 100g

Care & Use

  • Handwash only
  • Do not use in microwave or oven

Colors and patterns may vary from piece to piece depending on the temperature and location of the kiln during production.

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Wabi-sabi Aesthetic Pottery

Shigaraki Ware, originating from the Shigaraki region in Shiga Prefecture, holds a storied history dating back over a millennium. Its roots are deeply intertwined with Japanese pottery traditions, benefiting from the region's abundant resources like high-quality clay and ample wood for kiln firing. During the medieval era, Shigaraki Ware gained favor among tea practitioners, embodying the wabi-sabi aesthetic. The unglazed, wood-fired pieces of Shigaraki ceramics, marked by irregularities and unique firing imprints, showcase a timeless allure that continues to resonate with enthusiasts globally.

Today, Shigaraki Ware remains a symbol of artistic expression, reflecting the perfect marriage of tradition, nature, and the enduring appeal of Japanese pottery. Its distinct style, characterized by ash glazes, unglazed surfaces, and natural textures, preserves the essence of its rich heritage while continuing to inspire admiration for its earthy charm and unique craftsmanship.

Brand History

For over eight decades, Yamasho Pottery has dedicated itself to the art of crafting exquisite ceramics. Originating from their local production areas in Shigaraki, they have grown into a nationwide presence, constantly adapting their pottery to suit the evolving needs of the times. Infused with pride in their traditional craftsmanship, skills, and distinctive designs, they also stand as proud members of the Shigaraki Ware Commercial Association. 

Their key mission is to enhance your lifestyle through a diverse array of products. When it comes to Shigaraki ware, you can trust them to deliver unparalleled quality and artistry.