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Shinzangama Yamatsu

Frustum Teacup

Frustum Teacup

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The unique Frustum Teacup shape offers a comfortable grip and a modern aesthetic, making it a perfect addition to any tea lover's collection. Crafted from high-quality ceramic, this teacup showcases a smooth, refined finish that enhances the visual appeal of your tea experience. Its design not only provides functional benefits but also stands as a testament to the skill and artistry of Shinzangama Yamatsu.

The Frustum Teacup’s minimalist design is complemented by its subtle, earthy Ash glaze, which reflects the natural beauty of the materials used. Its durability ensures it can withstand daily use while maintaining its exquisite appearance.


Size: W 4.1in x L 4.1in x H 2.6in / W 10.5cm x L 10.5cm x H 6.5cm
Material: Porcelain

Due to handmade porcelain and glazing characteristics, each product has subtle variations in size, shape, texture, and appearance.

Care & Use

  • Handwashing recommended
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Please note that using metal scrubs or abrasive detergents may damage the surface
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Bringing Warmth Through Fired Pottery

Mino ware, originating from the Gifu Prefecture, boasts a rich history dating back to the late 7th century. It flourished particularly during the Momoyama period and the early Edo period, becoming one of Japan’s most prominent ceramic styles. This pottery is renowned for its diverse styles, including Shino, Oribe, and Kizeto, each characterized by unique glazes and forms that reflect the natural beauty of the region.

Gifu's Mino region became a significant hub for ceramics due to its abundant natural resources, such as high-quality clay and water. Artisans in the area mastered various techniques, creating both functional and aesthetic pieces. Mino ware’s evolution over centuries showcases the blend of tradition and innovation, making it a staple in Japanese ceramic art.

Brand History

Shinzangama Yamatsu, a distinguished name in Japanese ceramics, traces its origins back to 1868 when it was established in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture. Over the years, the workshop has maintained its commitment to traditional craftsmanship while embracing modern techniques, ensuring the preservation and evolution of Mino ware.

Renowned for its exceptional quality and artistic beauty, Shinzangama Yamatsu has become synonymous with excellence in Mino ware production. The artisans continue to honor the legacy of their founder by producing exquisite ceramics that capture the essence of Japan's rich cultural heritage, blending historical significance with contemporary appeal and techniques.