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Bros Japan

Sunglass S-S88

Sunglass S-S88

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These Bros Japan Sunglass S-S88, available in both Black Gold and Brown Gold finishes seamlessly blend modern design with timeless elegance, making them a must-have accessory for any fashion-forward individual. The sleek colors provide a sophisticated touch, complementing a variety of styles from casual to formal.

Designed for both style and functionality, the Bros Japan S-S88 sunglasses come with special photochromic lenses, which protect you from blue light and UV rays indoors and outdoors. The lenses are expertly tinted to reduce glare, making them perfect for driving, outdoor activities, or simply enjoying a sunny day. With their chic design and practical features, these sunglasses are an ideal choice for those seeking a blend of luxury and everyday wearability.


Size: 49□21-145
Material: (Front) Acetate, Titanium, (Temple) Acetate, (Core) Beta Titanium

Care & Use

  • Gently wipe the lens using a dedicated eyeglass cleaning cloth that has been lightly dampened with lens cleaner or a similar solution
  • The intensity of lens color may vary depending on the ultraviolet (UV) radiation level and temperature.
  • Regardless of the lens darkness, please avoid directly staring at intense light sources such as the sun and using them in tunnels or dark areas.
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Sabae Eyewear

Located in the northern part of Fukui Prefecture, Sabae is known for producing some of the finest eyewear in the world. 

Sabe began manufacturing eyewear over 100 years ago and has since grown to produce 90% of all eyewear in Japan and is also a recognized global eyewear manufacturing hub pioneering new designs and manufacturing methods - including the introduction of titanium frames.

Brand Story

BROS JAPAN based in Sabae is committed to producing eyewear that goes beyond the ordinary, with an unwavering focus on every intricate detail.

Committed to the traditional manufacturing methods developed in Sabae, their artisans produce exceptional eyewear - a culmination of their craftsmanship and dedication to quality.