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Yae Bowl and Plates Set

Yae Bowl and Plates Set

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This unique piece features a double-flowered design, with the petals forming a serving dish. The rim is adorned with a delicate striped pattern called 'sen-suji.' The lid serves as two plates, and the body functions as a bowl, offering versatility for separate uses. As with all YUIYU products, the lacquerware coloring will mature and change with age.

This Yae Bowl and Plate Set is in the Berry color, Lilac, Sesame, Mimosa, Olive, and Hyacinth.


(Size) W 4.3in x L 4.3in x H 2.8in / W 11cm x L 11cm x H 7cm
(Material) Japanese Alder

Care & Use

  • Avoid prolonged soaking in hot water after use.
  • Wash promptly after use and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Prevent exposure to direct sunlight to avoid discoloration or deformation.
  • Do not use lacquerware directly in steamers, microwave ovens, dishwashers, ovens, or open flames.
  • Refrain from using scrubbers, cleansers, or hard sponges on lacquerware.
  • Discontinue use if cracks or crazing become visible.
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Living with Lacquerware

Yamanaka, Japan, boasts a rich history steeped in the traditional crafts of woodwork and lacquerware. Renowned for its expertise in woodworking, Yamanaka has been a hub for artisans crafting exquisite wooden items for centuries - such as Rokurobiki. The region's mastery in woodworking dates back to the Edo period, where skilled craftsmen honed their techniques, creating functional yet beautifully designed wooden articles.

In tandem with its woodworking legacy, Yamanaka is celebrated for its lacquerware, a meticulous art that involves coating wooden or bamboo items with layers of Fukiurushi lacquer. This craftsmanship has flourished in Yamanaka for over 400 years, with the intricate process passing down through generations. The artisans of Yamanaka are known for creating lacquerware that marries functionality with artistic expression, producing items that are not only utilitarian but also showcase the region's cultural heritage and commitment to craftsmanship.

Brand History

At the heart of the Yamanaka lacquerware is a celebration of people, nature, and culture. By intertwining wooden lacquerware with botanical elements, they approach design through a floral lens, aiming to express the craftsmanship and dedication of these artisans in a unique way. The brand, YUIYU, was born with the intention of bridging traditional crafts with everyday life in the Yamanaka region.

Similar to the evolving texture of lacquerware over time, living with it feels akin to living with plants. Drawing inspiration from nature's organic forms, they craft lacquerware that introduces new shapes and colors, enhancing the joy of its use. Just as over time plants grow and change, the colors of the YUIYU lacquerware matures with age. It is our pleasure to deliver this unique lacquerware experience to you.