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Yamawaki Knives

Yamawaki White Steel No.2 Kasumi Yanagiba Knives (Left-handed)

Yamawaki White Steel No.2 Kasumi Yanagiba Knives (Left-handed)

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Crafted for left-handed users, the Yamawaki White Steel No.2 Kasumi Yanagiba knife is tailored to the preferences of chefs who favor a left-handed orientation. This specialized Yanagiba is equipped with a single bevel designed exclusively for left-handed individuals, ensuring precise and controlled slicing, particularly advantageous for tasks like cutting sashimi and sushi.

The asymmetrical grind not only accommodates left-handed users but also enhances the knife's sharpness on one side, facilitating clean cuts through delicate ingredients. Beyond its ergonomic design, the high-quality steel construction, often paired with a hardwood handle, ensures durability and comfort during extended kitchen use.


Length: 41.7cm / 16.4in
Blade length: 27.0cm / 10.6in
Blade width: 2.0cm / 0.8in
Handle: Japanese Magnolia

Care & Use

  • Handwash only
  • Keep it dry
  • Avoid cutting through bones
  • No metal scrubs or abrasive detergents
  • Store safely
  • Sharpen as needed
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