Hozan Kiln

Step into a world of timeless beauty and unparalleled craftsmanship at Hozan Kiln, the home of Bizen Pottery. Nestled in Imbe, Bizen City, the renowned 'Hometown of Bizen Pottery', their kiln proudly carries the legacy of being one of the esteemed 'Six Original Bizen Pottery Surnames'. With a lineage that stretches back to ancient times, our kiln proudly displays the oldest fan-shaped ceramic seal, a symbol of our enduring heritage.

Throughout the ages, they have produced countless masterpieces, including exquisite tea ceremony vessels, sake vessels, and meticulously crafted objects. At Hozan Kiln, Toshiaki Mori skillfully combines the wisdom of generations with innovative collaborations, resulting in breathtaking Bizen Ware Pottery that captivates the senses.