Nabeshima Kosen Kiln

Nabeshima-ware, a pinnacle of Japanese porcelain, originates from the Edo period's opulence, embodying feudal power under the Saga Nabeshima clan. Crafted in Okawachiyama by thirty-one master artisans, it adorned noble residences and served as prestigious diplomatic gifts, celebrated for its artistic mastery and technical prowess. While its exclusivity transcends feudal domains, Nabeshima-ware's timeless allure continues to inspire modern artisans and captivate enthusiasts worldwide.

Spanning three centuries, the Kawazoe family's legacy at the Kosen Kiln traces back to the Nabeshima domain kilns of the Edo period. Led by Kawazoe Tameo, revered as a master of Nabeshima celadon porcelain, their dedication culminated in the revival of the Nabeshima Kosen Kiln. A transformative rebranding in 2004 marked the birth of the 'Nabeshima Kosen Kiln,' accompanied by the visionary 'KOSEN' brand. Upholding a commitment to 'establish Nabeshima-yaki culture,' the Nabeshima Kosen Kiln preserves inherited techniques and cultural heritage, ensuring a legacy that endures through time.

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