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Nabeshima Kosen Kiln

Nabeshima Celadon Porcelain Camellia Carved Mug

Nabeshima Celadon Porcelain Camellia Carved Mug

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The Nabeshima Celadon Porcelain Camellia Carved Mug. Crafted by the esteemed artisans of Nabeshima Kosen Kiln embodies the beauty and artistry of Nabeshima celadon, a tradition passed down for over 360 years. The mug features a captivating design – a stunning white camellia flower, meticulously hand-carved into the mug's smooth celadon surface. Crafted from natural mineral ores, Nabeshima celadon is renowned for its captivating blue-green luster, adding a touch of mysterious beauty to the mug's design.

The mug's comfortable size and smooth porcelain surface are perfect for cradling your favorite beverage, be it a steaming cup of coffee or a soothing cup of tea. The hand-carved camellia flower adds a touch of elegance to every sip, making this mug a special companion for your everyday moments of relaxation. Whether you are a collector of fine porcelain or appreciate the finer things in life, this mug will become a treasured part of your home.


Size: Diameter 3.2in x H 3.5in / 8.2cm x 9cm
Material: Celadon Porcelain (Nabeshima-Ware)

Care & Use

  • Dishwasher safe - however handwashing recommended
  • Microwave safe
  • Please note that using metal scrubs or abrasive detergents may damage the surface
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Porcelain Loved By Lords, Reborn in the Modern Era

Nabeshima-ware, a name synonymous with exquisite Japanese porcelain, boasts a rich history deeply intertwined with the power and artistry of the Edo period (1603-1868). During this era, feudal lords held immense sway, and Nabeshima-ware emerged as a tangible expression of their prestige. The Saga Nabeshima clan, rulers of the Hizen region, established a unique "feudal kiln" specifically for crafting porcelain offerings for the Imperial Court and the Shoguns. Thirty-one of the most talented potters from the illustrious Arita ware tradition were brought together at Okawachiyama, aptly named the "home of secret kilns." Barriers were erected to ensure these master artisans and their exceptional techniques remained within the domain of the Nabeshima clan.

The resulting porcelain, Nabeshima-ware, transcended the realm of everyday pottery. Its creation wasn't driven by commercial interests; instead, it embodied the highest level of artistic achievement.  This exquisite porcelain, reserved solely for the elite, became a prized possession and a coveted diplomatic gift exchanged between feudal lords and the Shogun. Beyond its exclusivity, Nabeshima-ware is celebrated for its technical mastery and captivating design. The artistry and skill employed in its creation rivaled the finest ceramics produced anywhere in the world. Today, while no longer a domain kiln, Nabeshima-ware's legacy lives on. Modern potters continue to draw inspiration from its beauty, ensuring this remarkable chapter in Japanese porcelain history remains a source of fascination and artistic heritage.

Brand History

For over 300 years, the Kawazoe family, founders of the Kosen Kiln, honed their craftsmanship during the Edo period, initially working at the Nabeshima domain kilns. Through generations, they meticulously passed down their techniques, preserving the artistry of their forebears. In 1963, under the stewardship of Kawazoe Tameo, the kiln's master at the time, the pursuit of excellence reached new heights as he was acknowledged as a master of Nabeshima celadon porcelain. His fervent desire to democratize Nabeshima celadon ware spurred years of dedicated research into celadon glazes, culminating in a reinvigorated Nabeshima Kosen Kiln.

In 2004, the kiln underwent a transformative rebranding, emerging as the ‘Nabeshima Kosen Kiln’. This pivotal moment marked the company's evolution, accompanied by the introduction of a captivating series of tea utensils. Simultaneously, the visionary brand ‘KOSEN’ emerged, offering a contemporary reinterpretation of Nabeshima ware, blending tradition with modern sensibilities. With a steadfast commitment to 'establish Nabeshima-yaki culture', Nabeshima Kosen Kiln endeavors to preserve and perpetuate inherited techniques and cultural heritage, ensuring a legacy that transcends generations.