Yamada Glass Works

Yamada Glass Works, a purveyor of exquisite craftsmanship, embraces tradition, innovation, and a deep-rooted dedication to their craft. Their original creations, like the captivating "Rainstorm Beneath the Summit" design, seamlessly blend the essence of time-honored patterns with a fresh perspective. Drawing inspiration from the iconic cherry blossoms, a symbol of Japan's rich heritage, they have ingeniously incorporated this motif into their designs. At their esteemed studio, they specialize in the revered Hana-kiriko technique, where delicate frosted glass is meticulously shaped into intricate depictions of nature's wonders using the very tools once employed for Edo faceting.

Beyond their remarkable glassware, Yamada Glass Works also showcases their expertise in crafting exquisite tableware, objets d'art, accessories, obi clasps, and coasters. Their commitment to excellence extends beyond their creations, as they actively engage in collaborations with esteemed designers and renowned companies, including the esteemed Anna Sui.