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Yamada Glass Works

Edo Kiriko Amber Azure Whiskey Glass Sazanami

Edo Kiriko Amber Azure Whiskey Glass Sazanami

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Experience the tranquil beauty of this Edo Kiriko Whiskey Glass in Amber Azure, where the deep blue hues reflect the serene depths of the ocean. Crafted with precision from crystal glass, this piece embodies the calming essence of azure waves. The intricate chrysanthemum patterns are seamlessly integrated with gentle blue waves, offering a captivating blend of tradition and elegance.

Through the Hana-kiriko technique, our artisans delicately etch animals and plants into frosted glass, creating a unique texture that distinguishes it from traditional faceting. The unpolished surface of Hana-kiriko invites a tactile experience, enhancing your relaxation as you sip. Immerse yourself in the soothing play of lights and let the beauty of Amber Azure transform your moments.


Size: W 3.1in x L 3.1in x H 3.5in / W 8.3cm x L 8.3cm x H 9cm
Material: Glass

Care & Use

  • Handwash only
  • Do not use in microwave or oven
  • Due to handmade colouring and carving characteristics, each piece has subtle variations in size and appearance.
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Exquisite Entsunagi Edo Kiriko

The captivating history of Edo Kiriko Glass, a traditional craft can trace its roots back to the vibrant city of Edo, now modern-day Tokyo. This exquisite art form experienced a distinctive metamorphosis during the late 19th century, intertwining with the cutting-edge techniques of European glass. The fusion of these influences birthed Edo Kiriko, creating a glassware style that reflects both traditional Japanese craftsmanship and international innovation.

The saga of Edo Kiriko reached a significant milestone in 2002 when the Japanese government bestowed upon it the prestigious title of National Traditional Craft. A testament to its cultural significance, this recognition is reserved exclusively for artisans and producers who adhere to the time-honored techniques cultivated during the 19th century.

Brand History

Yamada Glass Works has mastered the art of blending tradition, innovation, and exquisite craftsmanship to produce its exclusive range of products. Among their splendid creations is the captivating "Rainstorm Beneath the Summit" design, which tastefully combines a rich historical pattern with a contemporary twist. Another gem from their collection is a design inspired by the iconic cherry blossoms, which serve as the epitome of Japan's cultural identity. Their studio specializes in the meticulous Hana-kiriko technique, where frosted glass is skillfully sculpted into delicate depictions of animals and plants. 

Drawing from the renowned Edo faceting tradition, they employ the same tools but uniquely refrain from polishing the glass, creating a distinct contrast. In addition to their exceptional glassware, Yamada Glass Works also channels their expertise into crafting remarkable tableware, including objets d'art, accessories, obi clasps, and coasters. Demonstrating their dedication to the finest artistry, they actively collaborate with renowned designers and esteemed companies, such as the illustrious Anna Sui.