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Scattered Flowers Cherry Bark Tea Canister

Scattered Flowers Cherry Bark Tea Canister

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Discover the elegance of DENSHIRO's classic Kaba-zaiku Akita Tea Canister adorned with the enchanting dance of cherry blossom petals. This masterpiece features a captivating blend of wild cherry blossom bark and displays a mother-of-pearl inlay.

The reddish-brown hue and smooth texture of cherry bark contribute to the distinctive allure of Kaba-zaiku. Not only that but with a daily hand-rubbing ritual, the canister gains a mesmerizing luster, evolving into a subtle and sophisticated hue as it becomes an integral part of your daily tea routine.


Size: L8.3cm × H12cm / L3.2in x H4.7in
Tea Capacity (approx.): 150 g
Material: Cherry bark, Natural Wood
Finish: Polished

Care & Use

  • Avoid washing with water, hot water, or using a dishwasher to prevent damage.
  • Do not use in a microwave or oven; keep away from prolonged exposure to water or humid environments.
  • Protect from direct sunlight to prevent distortion, cracking, and fading.
  • Be cautious of sudden temperature changes, as it may cause discoloration, distortion, or cracking.
  • Handle with care to avoid external impacts, such as dropping, which may result in damage.
  • Wipe off moisture immediately with a soft, dry cloth; avoid washing to prevent peeling and distortion.
  • Align the seam between the body and lid for smooth closure; note individual differences due to handmade nature.
  • Tea canister maintains moderate humidity for optimal preservation of tea leaves.
  • Use a fine, soft cloth for occasional maintenance, wiping along the direction of cherry skin knots.
  • Tezawa-enhanced cherry bark maintains a unique luster; daily use and self-maintenance contribute to its shine.
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Sustainable Cherry Bark Masterpieces

Kaba-zaiku, or wild cherry bark work, boasts a rich history in Akita Prefecture, Japan, tracing its origins back to the Edo period. Flourishing in the forests of Yuzawa and Kakunodate, this traditional craft involves skillfully peeling thin layers of cherry bark from trees, emphasizing sustainable practices to preserve the natural environment. Artisans, following centuries-old techniques, transform the harvested bark into a range of functional and aesthetically pleasing items, including trays, boxes, and tea canisters. The reddish-brown hue and smooth texture of cherry bark contribute to the distinctive allure of Kaba-zaiku, which has evolved over the years to blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary tastes.

Today, Kaba-zaiku stands as a symbol of Akita's cultural heritage, embodying a deep connection to nature and showcasing the enduring skill of its artisans. The craft remains a cherished part of the region's identity, celebrated for its sustainable practices and the timeless beauty derived from the wild cherry trees that grace Akita's landscapes.

Brand History

The legacy of the first-generation DENSHIRO, who laid the foundation in 1851, lives on in today's DENSHIRO with a commitment to "refine products and build trust." They embrace the belief that meticulous craftsmanship builds trust, and are dedicated to passing this ethos to the generations ahead.

Their mission extends beyond preserving the Kaba-zaiku (wild cherry bark work) production area; also striving to carry forward the rich traditions shaped by their predecessors. At DENSHIRO, the artisan's journey is a forward march, ensuring the preservation and evolution of our cherished heritage.