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GINPO Chrysanthemum Ame Glaze Donabe Clay Pot (3-4 People)

GINPO Chrysanthemum Ame Glaze Donabe Clay Pot (3-4 People)

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Experience the perfect blend of tradition and elegance with the GINPO Chrysanthemum Ame Glaze Donabe Clay Pot, designed for 3-4 people. This larger variant features the same rich, amber glaze and intricate chrysanthemum patterns, making it ideal for family meals and gatherings. Its beautiful design adds a touch of sophistication to any dining occasion.

The Ame Glaze Donabe is crafted with high-quality clay and traditional methods, ensuring even heat distribution and long-lasting durability. Its larger size makes it versatile for a variety of dishes, from comforting stews to flavorful soups.


Size: W 12.3in x L 11.2in x H 5.1in / W 31.3cm x L 28.5cm x H 13cm

Care & Use

Before First Use:

  • Season the Pot: Fill the pot with water and add a few tablespoons of cooked rice. Bring to a boil and simmer for about 5-10 minutes. Let it cool, then rinse and dry.
  • Dry Completely: Ensure the pot is thoroughly dry before storing to prevent mold.

During Use:

  • Heat Gradually: Always start with low heat and gradually increase to medium or high. Avoid using on high heat from the beginning.
  • Avoid Empty Heating: Never heat the pot empty to avoid cracking.
  • Use with Liquid: Always ensure there is some liquid inside the pot when heating.


  • Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes: Do not expose the pot to sudden temperature changes, such as placing a hot pot on a cold surface or adding cold ingredients to a hot pot.
  • Use Appropriate Utensils: Use wooden or silicone utensils to avoid scratching the surface.


  • Hand Wash Only: Clean the pot by hand with water and a soft sponge. Avoid using soap or detergents as they can be absorbed by the clay.
  • Avoid Soaking: Do not soak the pot for long periods as it can weaken the clay.


  • Dry Thoroughly: Allow the pot to dry completely before storing. Store the lid separately to allow air circulation.
  • Avoid Humid Places: Store in a well-ventilated area to prevent mold growth.

General Tips:

  • Inspect Regularly: Check for any cracks or damage before each use.
  • Use on Appropriate Heat Source: Suitable for gas stoves and open flame. Not recommended for electric or induction cooktops unless specified by the manufacturer.
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Innovation in Donabe Clay Pots

Donabe clay pots have a long and storied history in Mie Prefecture, where they are cherished for their versatility and ability to enhance the flavors of home-cooked meals. Mie’s abundant natural resources, including high-quality clay, have made it an ideal location for producing these traditional Japanese cookware pieces. Donabe pots are essential for a variety of Japanese dishes, from hot pots to rice cooking, offering superior heat retention and even cooking.

Historically, Mie Prefecture has been renowned for its ceramic production, with donabe clay pots being a staple in Japanese households. The unique properties of the local clay, combined with traditional crafting techniques, result in pots that are both durable and effective. Donabe pots from Mie are celebrated for their ability to bring out the natural flavors of the ingredients, making them an indispensable tool in Japanese cuisine. This rich tradition continues today, with artisans maintaining the time-honored methods while incorporating modern innovations.

Brand History

GINPO, established in 1932, has a long-standing reputation for excellence in the production of donabe clay pots. Located in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture, the brand has become synonymous with innovation and quality in Japanese kitchenware. The artisans at GINPO have mastered the delicate balance between traditional techniques and contemporary design, creating products that are both functional and beautiful.

Over the decades, GINPO has continued to evolve, introducing new technologies and designs while staying true to its roots. The brand's commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship has earned it a loyal following among chefs and home cooks alike. Each GINPO creation reflects the brand's dedication to enhancing the culinary experience, making every meal a celebration of Japanese culture and tradition.